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Hardship Licenses


Have you considered contacting Valparaiso attorney to discuss your ability to get a hardship license? The laws have changed.

As of January 1, 2015, “hardship” licenses are no longer available. Likewise, a probationary license is no longer recognized by the court. Instead, suspended drivers in Indiana can now ask the judge for a SPECIALIZED DRIVING PRIVILEGE.

There are differences between the old system and new. Below, some of the most important differences are highlighted:

  • A specialized driving privilege is available to more suspended drivers than the hardship license: Habitual Traffic Violators & Lifetime Suspension ARE ELIGIBLE.
  • Specialized Driving Privilege applicants must have valid CAR INSURANCE.
  • REFUSING to take a chemical test means you can NOT apply for a specialized driving privilege.
  • Specialized Driving Privilege must remain in place for 180 days (important to consider if the current suspension is less than 180 days).

If you have questions about your eligibility for a Specialized Driving Privilege, call 219-575-8565 to discuss it with me.