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Criminal Speeding Tickets Indiana Defense Guide

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You are driving through Indiana’s backroads with your cruise control set to the last visible speed limit marker. Suddenly, blue and red lights flash in your side and rear-view mirrors.

A police officer pulls you over and accuses you of driving over the speed limit in a construction zone. Unfortunately, your ignorance of the county’s speed limit will not save you from serving possible court time, paying hefty fines, and accruing points on your license.

Your speeding ticket will include your court date and location, as well as a deadline by which you need to decide whether to contest the infraction or concede and pay the fines.

Some accused drivers accept guilty verdicts without contestation. Without a criminal speeding ticket lawyer to guide them, these drivers are not aware that choosing the path of least resistance can have adverse long-term effects.

Traffic violations can remain on their criminal records for an extended amount of time, raise their car insurance rates, present difficulties when they renew their license, and negatively affect their employment status if they drive for their jobs.

Suppose a police officer charges you with criminal traffic offenses. In that case, you could be facing more than paying fines, taking a mandatory defensive driving course, or accepting the suspension of your driver’s license. You could be facing jail time.

Because of the potential severity of the punishment, it would be best to contact a criminal speeding ticket lawyer immediately if you have a criminal traffic violation.

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